Roles to Support PeBL


The implementation of personalized learning in classrooms may initially seem like a totally new concept, but really it should be viewed as a synthesis of all the best practices of teaching with the teacher moving from facilitator of learning to an activator of learning.  Like students, teachers have different learning goals and styles and all are starting at different points. Sun West School Division has a variety of supports that teachers may access in their personalized learning journey.




In Sun West School Division, teacher support may take the following forms:

  1. Technology Coaches/Consultants
  • Support teachers in developing lessons and assessments using outcomes based planning model
  • Support acquisition of technology skills and integration of technology as a tool for learning


  1. 21st Century Handbooks
  • Sun West School Division Board Policy 18 21st Century Competencies (Link needed) was adopted in the 2013-14 school year. Currently three handbooks have been developed and are hosted on the 21st CC wiki.  These can be used to support teacher learning
  • Assisting with blended and personalized planning and teaching
  • Support integration of technology and use of resources.


  1. Administrators
  • Administrators are enlisted with the task taking of provincial and Division initiatives and making a plan for their school. These tasks require administrators to demonstrate the following skills:
    • Instructional leadership
    • Planning for staff PD (collaboratively)
    • Budgeting for learning environment needs
    • Timetabling skills to facilitate collaboration and align schedules
    • Technology planning to support shift to blended and personalized learning
    • Provision of opportunities for school staff to visit other classrooms, plan with Learning coach or conduct assessments.


  1. Math PLT Participants
  • In 2015-16, several Math PLTs were formed to start the blended learning journey. These Math PLT participants can share their learning and experiences as PLT participants and their personalized plans and models with other teachers.



  1. Creation of modules to support teacher acquisition of knowledge and skills on planning, assessment, differentiation, blended learning, inquiry, PeBL, and other subjects that are basic building blocks for personalized learning.