Resource Bank


Teachers, like students have different learning needs with regard to professional learning and whenever possible should have choice with regard to content, delivery, mode and time of the professional learning.  What must be kept in mind is the difference between professional learning that is provincial and Division initiated and professional learning that is teacher initiated.  Professional learning may occur in a variety of settings, locations, modes and times.


In the past few years, Sun West School Division has worked to implement more choice in teacher PD by providing a combination of face to face, on demand, scheduled webinars, wikis and Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) resources.

1. Face to face Professional Development

  • Division Days
  • PLT sessions – school and division

2. Digital Professional Development

  • Purchased (ERN webinars)
  • Sun West webinars and online PD

3. Personalized Learning (PeBL) Website

  • Links and overview of strategies

4. Wikis

  • Subject and topic specific 21st Century Competencies

5. DLC Moodle Resources

  • Lesson, unit plans



  1. Continuation of teacher personalized professional development philosophy involving teacher choice and control over time and method of learning balanced with school staff and Division professional learning opportunities that embrace the blended philosophy.
  2. Continue to build teacher and presenter capacity.
  3. Emphasize a risk taking and learning environment for teachers to try new strategies and collaborate.
  4. Continue to employ technology (Fuze, Lync, etc.) to facilitate PLT networks and to work smarter.
  5. Harmonization and awareness of Ministry of Education and Division resources and learning opportunities available for teachers.