Professional Learning Plan


To give administrators, teachers, etc. opportunities to immerse themselves in professional development to support Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL).


To decide on a professional development plan in which collaboration can occur in different ways in different levels such as:

Division – Subject wide PLTs

  • Grade alike and/or subject alike Professional Development days
    • To be determined by school cohorts
  • Subject-a-Like on Professional Development days
    • To be determined by school cohorts

School – Common Collaboration Time

  • Self-Directed Professional Development
  • School-Based Professional Development in Cohort Teams
  • Portion of staff working in cohort teams while portion of staff is working on Self-Regulation Activities with the students


  • Webinars
  • Brain Sharks
  • Wikis
  • Fuze Conversations
  • School PLTs



  1. To create a clear vision and strategic plan to provide ongoing professional development and collaboration time for the understanding and implementation of PeBL. School-Based Administrators will have an opportunity to understand how they will support all staff in all situations (including multi-grade classrooms, etc.) in the implementation of PeBL in a timely fashion according to the needs and the abilities of the schools.
  1. Schools, with the support of their Superintendent, will be creative and innovative with prep time for the staff which is separate from the PeBL collaboration time.