Communication Plan


For an effective implementation of Personalized electronic Blended Learning (PeBL), a clear communication plan to all stakeholders is necessary to create an understanding of the benefits of personalized learning and to allow Sun West School Division to take a proactive approach in order to avoid any misunderstandings.  Teachers will understand that the personalized classroom will enable them to meet the needs of ALL learners, and will become aware of how they will be supported in this transition.  Students will understand how becoming a self-directed learner will better prepare them for their future success. Parents and community members will understand that the personalized classroom will look significantly different than the one they attended in order to facilitate the individual learning needs of students.


  1. PeBL Branding and Graphics
  • PeBL graphic to be produced for display in Sun West classrooms
  • #sunwestpl to be used as the hashtag
  1. Key Message Resources
  • Schools to deliver key message (School-Based Administrators, Teachers, School Community Councils (SCC’s), Sun West Executive Leadership Team (SWELT), Learning Coaches)
  • Provide messages with ready to use tools for communicating: newsletter articles, video, Facebook post, public events
  1. Promotion Video
  • Include Division-based stake holders, student voice, various level stakeholders
  • Create initial video for Division and create videos for school level
  • Distribute video to Sun West website, Twitter feed, Facebook, SCC’s Site, School-Based Administrators, school websites, media outlets
  1. PeBL WordPress
  1. Briefing documents
  • A series of briefings addressing the key elements of personalized learning. These briefings will help school leaders strengthen their schools, empower their teachers, communicate with stakeholders, and give every student a better chance to reach their potential.
  1. Online Glossary
  • The online glossary is a comprehensive online resource that describes widely used school-improvement terms, concepts, and strategies for parents and community members.
  1. Division Based Professional Development Day
  • Marcia Kish presentation and workshops to teachers/ and School-Based Administrators
  • All sessions are focused on personalized learning needs
  1. Communication Push
  • Division to parent communication through email, Alert Solutions, Twitter
  1. SCC Communication
  • Overview of PL at SCC workshop
  • SB Admin to lead SCCs through school-based PeBL implementation discussions



  1. The Glossary can be used as a tool for communicating ideas about individualized learning.
  • When creating definitions or descriptions of new initiatives, use language that is precise and yet universally accessible.
  • When explaining a new school improvement initiative, whether it’s project-based learningor professional learning communities, consider including links to glossary entries to school website.
  • Link specific terms or direct visitors to entries if they want to learn more about a particular concept or strategy.
  • Include the PeBL video on all school websites to help with communication of key messaging.
  • Consider posting or tweeting Glossary entries from time to time as a way to build greater understanding of specific school improvement ideas. For many people, social media have become their primary sources of news and networking, and it’s where they are regularly exposed to new ideas, readings, videos, resources, and innovations.
  1. Print and email
  • Distribute – through printed handouts, email, newsletters, or other publication – any entry or selection of text that serves Division communication needs. Increasing understanding of new and proposed initiatives can lead to greater community support for our work.
  • Make sure community leaders truly understand what our Division is doing, and why it matters for students.
  • Consider using or adapting entries as needed when briefing Board and local officials about new or proposed strategies.
  1. Communication to:


  • staff meetings
  • spotlight stories
  • branded messaging


  • leadership group
  • School-Based Administrators/staff
  • school events
  • involve students

Parents/School Community Council (SCC)

  • open house/literacy evenings
  • SCC meetings/workshops
  • focus group with SCC Chairs


  • media release
  • research partners
  • University of Saskatchewan (U of S)/University of Regina (U of R)
  • educational media groups
  • social networking groups

4. Ministry of Education

  • Alignment with Educational Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP)