Division Initiatives Alignment


Personalized learning as an instructional strategy can be used to improve student learning and as a means to achieve other Division/provincial initiatives outlined in the provincial Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) A3’s.  Through the creation of a school level A3, schools can work to implement Division, provincial and school level initiatives.


Schools will create a plan using PeBL to support the initiatives within the School Division and the province.  The following initiatives can be enhanced through PeBL.

Saskatchewan Reads

  • initiative to implement a consistent approach to K-3 to improve literacy levels in students

Digital Citizenship

  • electronic standards of conduct or procedure

Math Provincial Expectations

  • improvement in math and addressing the gaps in math learning can be achieved through self-directed, personalized learning



Provincial Assessment Plan

  • integrated with Sun West yearly assessment plan


Graduation Rates

  • through increased student engagement, student graduation rates and success rates will improve through personalized learning models

Student Engagement

  • by participating in goal setting and self-reflection, students will experience increased engagement and ownership of learning.


  • First Nations and Metis Engagement

Mental Health

  • engagement and empowerment along with consideration of personal learning needs and styles can incorporate wellness strategies. Adoption of  healthy lifestyle can lead to improved learning and wellness.

Aspiring Leadership

  • by building leadership and lifelong learning in staff, we are modelling the the qualities we want to foster in our students.





  1. Schools will decide how to use PeBL to support the success of the Division and the provincial initiatives and create a plan to outline actions needed for their school.
  2. Schools will use Professional Development (PD) days to discover how to use PeBL to support the initiatives.