Workforce Plan

Recruitment and retention of staff to support Personalized electronic Blended Learning (PeBL).


To effectively implement PeBL system-wide, we must recruit the teaching staff with the competencies necessary to support the implementation of PeBL.  Current teaching staff will require professional development to implement PeBL.


  1. Recruitment
    1. Interview processes will be updated, including the interview questions, to assist in selection of candidates with the required competencies as outlined in 10 (need link) Teacher Role in PL Instructional Models.
    2. Performance evaluation rubrics may require updating to ensure alignment with competencies.
    3. Provide information to ensure future applicants understand the vision and direction of PeBL in Sun West School Division.




  1. Retention
    1. Create a plan to allocate time on school professional development days for teacher collaboration.
    2. School-Based Administrators to collaborate with staff in the creation of the school timetable.
    3. School-Based Administrators collaborate with staff with regards to the planning of school-level professional development days.
    4. Provide supports for teachers for the effective implementation of PeBL.
    5. Continue to have a culture of respect, transparency and trust.


  1. Supports for teachers. Work to provide release time for teachers who are skilled in PeBL to support other teachers to implement PeBL in their classrooms.