Given the increased demands for technology to support personalized learning, there is additional pressure being placed on the IT infrastructure to support this. In addition to the technology needs, the classroom learning environment is rapidly changing and resulting in increased demands on facility changes and classroom furniture.


  1. Facility changes to learning spaces – long range facility plans
  2. Evolution of libraries – what do they look like?
  3. IT upgrades including wireless networks, re-cabling needs, phone systems, call/paging systems
  4. Classroom/Learning Space furniture needs – budget implications, ordering



  1. The IT and Facility departments have worked together to develop a long term plan to re-cable our schools with approximately 5-6 schools being completed each year. This will also address current issues around paging systems, VOIP phone systems, etc.
  2. The IT department continues to monitor and increase the amount of access points throughout schools in order to support our wireless network.
  3. Schools are encouraged to consider the use of pods of desktop units in classrooms where appropriate due to the lower budget impact and higher dependability of network connection. Mobile device pods will remain in high demand because of their mobility, but should not be the only option considered.
  4. Schools should consider the role of the library within the learning environment and the potential to shift them into learning centres which may include online learning stations, mobile device storage and sign out, flexible learning spaces for changing student learning needs.
  5. Teachers and School-Based Administrators need to work collaboratively to develop budget plans and timelines to support the increasing demands on different learning environments within the classroom (furniture/spaces/student supplies).
  6. The Division could explore the potential for bulk ordering of expensive classroom furniture or request for custom orders to be built (Erasable top horseshoe tables).