IT Support Plan


IT Support will be essential to support personalized learning due to the higher demands on technology and the related infrastructure that it requires. IT Support must also be philosophically aligned to ensure that learner needs are driving the supports required.


  1. School Technology Plans to map the year out in advance and the shifting of technology resources.(need link)
  2. Technology Coaches – work together with School-Based Administrators to identify staff technology needs and supports and develop support plans to address.
  3. School technician training and communication
  4. Wireless infrastructure mapping and upgrades
  5. School re-cabling upgrades including phone and call systems


  1. Student technology support teams
  2. Technology support tutorials and help site
  3. Teacher technology integration rubric and support plans
  4. Increased bandwidth needed at most schools



  1. Schools should form student teams ‘Tech Squads’ to help teachers and other students with basic IT support and be a ground level set of eyes for the IT department. IT will provide basic training and support for these student teams.
  2. Restructuring of the IT department will allow for the IT Manager to be more involved in school level technology planning, support and communication.
  3. IT Staff will need to increase their training certifications in order to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape.
  4. Communication is a constant challenge given the rapid state of change with technology and requires an increased focus to meet school needs.
  5. Bandwidth has been a consistent problem and help is needed beyond our Division level as capacity is a challenge at the provincial level. IT will continue to explore alternative sources to help alleviate the issue.