Devices and Digital Tools



In order to fully implement all aspects of personalized learning, students and teachers need access to mobile devices and other digital tools. These devices and tools will enable teachers to be freed up to spend more time with students and their individual learning needs.


  1. Technology Strategic Plan
  • Professional Development Support from Technology Coaches
  • Innovative Educator program for teacher devices
  • Classroom pod deployment with supports


  1. School-Based Technology Plans
  • Dispersal of computer labs into classroom pods
  • Laptop carts for full class use when needed


  1. Needs
  • Mobile device budget line in regular technology budget including a replacement budget cycle
  • Regular professional development upgrades for technology support of iOS, AirWatch, etc.
  • Updated device mapping for all schools to support technology planning process
  • Increased involvement/communication between School-Based Administrators/liaisons/ technology coaches
  • Technology accessories purchase program from vendor (direct ordering for schools)



  1. App and accessory purchases can be handled directly from school accounts to minimize the turnaround time.
  1. Budget limitations may also require schools to contribute decentralized funds towards technology purchases.