Students as Self-Directed Learners



 Students will meet continued success in the Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) as they develop the ability to be self-directed learners.


 Each school will need to decide on a self-directed or self-regulation program that they believe would work best for their school based on the needs of their students in supporting the implementation of PeBL.

  1. Identify programs that help students develop the skills needed to be successful in a personalized learning environment:


  1. Provide Professional development for staff and administration for programs identified as supporting self-directed/self-regulation skills learning (as above).
  • Division Professional Development days
  • School level Professional Development days


  1. Provide resources for schools to begin an initial implementation of self-directed/self-regulation skills.
  • Personalized Learning Activity Plans



  1. In order for students to be successful in a personalized learning environment and develop 21st Century skills, schools need to build a culture that allows students to develop skills that allow them to be self-directed/self-regulation learners. Schools will be given the opportunity to adapt a program that meets the need of the learners in the school with the assistance of school superintendents.


  1. A number of programs are available that facilitate the development of these skills by the school and teachers. The Division will provide the professional development and selected resources necessary for initial implementation.