School Schedule Alignment



In order for students to be successful in personalized learning and in developing 21st Century skills, schools need to think about implementing schedules to support these goals. These schedules need to be flexible to support personalized learning plans and could vary from student to student.


Implement flexible schedules that support personalized learning environments.

  1. School Schedules could include:
  • A common schedule for core subjects. Example: schedule math at the same time so that students have opportunity to work on their own path and pace. This could allow for more than one expert teacher to be available during that time.
  • Scheduled time for development of student self-regulation skills
  • Scheduled time at the beginning of the school year to set up personalized learning routines and procedures.
  • Opportunities for collaboration among grade or subject like teachers.
  • Blocked scheduling.
  1. Division Calendar could include:
  • Opportunities for schools to collaborate



  1. Create schedules that allow for flexibility.
  1. Explore a variety of schedule options that could support personalized learning in your school. Depending on the size of the school and grade groupings, this could look different in every school.
  1. School teams should work collaboratively to develop schedules to support the implementation of personalized learning.