Student Profiles



All students in Sun West should have a learning profile where their learning styles, skills and strengths are documented along with their areas of need.  This profile would be updated regularly.


In the 2016-17 school year, teachers and schools will begin to create personalized learning student profiles.  The goal of the learning profile is to put a student’s face to the plan and adjust the requirements so students are getting the instruction required at the level they need to help address gaps in learning, stretch and solidify understanding of a concept or a skill.

Personalized Learning profile should include:

  • Learning Inventories
  • Interests Inventories
  • Subject needs assessments
  • Identification of areas of strength and need
  • List of Adaptations suggested
  • Inclusion of diagnostic data collected at a variety of grades through provincial assessments.
Pre-K/Kindergarten Elementary Middle Level Secondary Level
EYE DRA reading levels Career Cruising Career Cruising
Sask Careers Caps Cops Copes
Graduation Plan
  • Showcase student progress through a variety of methods
    • Electronic Portfolios (SeeSaw, FreshGrade)
    • Learning fairs
    • Student/Parent/Teacher conferences
    • Stations
  • Create a digital profile for every student
  • Evidence of Learning obtained in a variety of opportunities



  • Create a Student Learner Profile for every student
  • Implement a Student Personalized Learning inventory in one subject first then implement in other subject areas.
  • Project Based Learning aligns with goals in science and social studies
  • Evaluate Fresh Grade as a possible tool purchase for 2016-17 school year. Individual classrooms may trial, but entire school implementation is an eventual goal.