Digital Tools and Usage


Personalized learning may rely on a variety of electronic or digitized resources to set up a program of study and to monitor student acquisition and/or progress towards desired outcomes.  The following lists the tools that are currently being used in Sun West School Division and have been purchased either by the division or via school based budgets.  There are also a number of free resources that are utilized and due to the rapid increase of innovation, the resources are constantly changing and being added to.  PLEASE NOTE: Items with a * are core resources as identified by the provincial curriculum. 

Division Purchased

  • *Pearson Etexts (Grades 3-9) Science/Social/ELA/Math
  • Moodle – Learning Management System (LMS)
  • *Mathletics – (Grades 1-9)
  • Cogmation Robotics Software (Grades 5-10)
  • Lego Mindstorms Software and Kit (Grades 5-10)
  • Scratch (coding/animation)
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor Software
  • Auto CAD/Inventor/Revit – PAA Drafting Software
  • Adobe Creator Suite
  • CD-X Mechanics Software
  • Read LIVE (Tier 3 reading Intervention – Roadways)
  • *SaskCareers (Career Planning/E Portfolio Career guidance)
  • Pearson Inform
  • 3D Printing Software/CNC Plasma Cutter (PAA – designated school sites)
  • Rosetta Stone

Division Created and/or Provincially provided

  • Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) resources
  • Sun West School Division (SWSD) wikis
  • Media Smarts

School- Based Purchases

  • Raz-Kids
  • Reading Eggs
  • Math Seeds



  •  Transition to digital resources when available.


  • See Saw (free trial – primary)
  • Fresh Grade (free trials and  trials of licensed version)
  • Study Forge (trial – Grades 7-12 Math PLTs)
  • Tynker Coding (Sun West Initiative for School Improvement (SWISI) – Davidson project)